Unani Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturers craft remedies rooted in ancient healing traditions, blending Unani and Ayurvedic principles to promote holistic wellness. These manufacturers integrate natural herbs, minerals, and other organic elements, adhering to traditional formulations passed down through generations. By synergizing Unani’s emphasis on balance among bodily humors (phlegm, blood, yellow bile, black bile) and Ayurveda’s focus on doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), they offer remedies targeting various ailments.

These manufacturers prioritize purity and potency, sourcing raw materials meticulously and subjecting them to rigorous quality checks. Through traditional methodologies infused with modern standards, they ensure the safety and efficacy of their products.

Furthermore, Unani Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturers contribute to preserving cultural heritage while meeting contemporary healthcare demands. Their formulations offer alternatives to synthetic medications, appealing to individuals seeking natural remedies and holistic approaches to health. As custodians of ancient wisdom, they bridge the gap between traditional knowledge and modern healthcare, fostering a deeper understanding of wellness that transcends temporal boundaries.

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Disease — Anameia

Cure Disease — Ferree-D


Disease — Liver

Cure Disease — Livo-Z

Hair Fall

Disease — Hair Fall

Cure Disease — Zeba Oil

Disease — Immunity Booster

Cure Disease—Jadeed Badami


Disease — Sexual

Cure Disease—Halwa Shabab

Painful mensuration

Disease — Painful Mensuration

Cure Disease — Iksir Nisa

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Client Testimonial

I have eaten National Laboratory of India Kawar, it is very good and its taste is even better. As soon as I eat it, general physical weakness goes away and I feed it to my children also. It is working very well in the growth of children. You also try it once.

Mohd Rizwan Delhi

Earlier I was very weak, then I ate Jadid Badami of National Laboratory of India. After eating it, I got a lot of strength inside me and my appetite also increased more than before. Now I also go to the gym, so I do not feel weak and my body is better than before. This is a very good product.

Mohd Faizan Delhi

I have used Zeba Oil and its result is very good. After applying it, my hair is now better than before and my dandruff is also gone and my hair is darker than before. This is a very good product.

Mr Raj Madhya Pradesh

I am a Journal Physician and I give one bar of National Laboratory of India Halwa to many patients. This product contains all the herbs which strengthen the body and make them powerful. I have given this product to many patients and their feedback has also been very good. After eating, there is good growth in children, weakness in the elderly goes away, joint pain goes away and general physical weakness goes away.

Dr Javed Khan (BUMS) Aligarh